About Us

"Be Dressed in History to Reinvent Yourself"


150 years ago, it was the Meiji era in Japan.


Meiji was the new era after the Japanese Government

abolished "sakoku" the closed-door policy.

"Sakoku"era continued over 300 years

before the Japanese Government opened the country.

Many kinds of foreign cultures

were imported to Japan at that time.



Since then foreign cultures have been interacting with Japan

to create new ideas of beauty.

Perhaps it was much more "global" in that something new was kept from being created until then.



We focus on "bustle dresses" (classical dresses) from the Meiji era.

Through reviewing historical literature in Japan and overseas,

we accomplished to create original bustle dresses made of antique "kimono" fabrics.



We would like to provide opportunities to wear and feel

these historical dresses such as international events,

parties and so on, beyond countries and nationalities.



―Fusion of Japanese and foreign culture―


―Fusion of the history and the present―



To create "chemical reactions" by mixing

different kinds of culture

 is the most important mission for us.